Individualized Gymnastics Training

When we started IGC in 1971, our goal was to create a space for coaches and gymnasts from around the world to collaborate, learn, grow, and play. IGC was literally designed from the ground up to be a gymnastics-only summer camp!

Our goal is that gymnasts leave camp even more in love with gymnastics than when they arrived: inspired and motivated by their own accomplishments, the gymnasts they trained with at camp, and the gymnastics celebrities’ encouragement and support.

Focus on the Gymnast

IGC is the only camp that offers premier gymnastics training, with a traditional summer camp experience. Every camper gets six coached rotations each day – keeping ratios at 8:1 or less — in addition to the guided optional workout time each evening. Every coach sets individual goals with and tailors lesson plans to the individual gymnasts.

Focus on Progressions & Technique

Our focus in teaching is on technique and proper progressions – reinforcing and building on what each gymnast is working on at home.

Our campers are gymnasts of all levels from true beginners to elites. The gymnastics program – from the facilities, to the daily schedule, to the lesson planning – is designed to give our campers the best training.

Focus on Role Models

Each summer, IGC welcomes gymnastics celebrities to coach and inspire our campers with their own personal experiences of triumph and perseverance.

Our celebrities include Olympians, World Champions, National Team Members, and NCAA coaches and athletes, as well as gymnasts who have pursued a career in the movies, TV, and other performance specialties.

Focus on Equipment

IGC is the only place in the world with five separate gyms – all dedicated to artistic gymnastics. Each gym is fully equipped with a wide variety of stations to suit the developmental needs of all levels, from true beginner to elite.

National teams from around the world train at IGC’s world-class facilities.

FUN FACT: IGC Founder Bruno Klaus invented and developed the 6″ x 6″ foam pit cube to provide a safer, standardized, training landing area.

Focus on Positive Coaching

We believe that children should be taught gymnastics in a positive learning environment. Campers are always challenged, but never pushed beyond their limits or endurance.

“At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou